Two London police officers attacked in a "horrific" accident

Two London police officers attacked in a “horrific” accident

Videos on social media appear to show an officer pinned to the floor and kicked, before an officer interferes. After that, the quarrel fights for about a minute between the two officers and a group of men.

On Wednesday, the incident received a decisive response from the British Police Association and Home Secretary Pretti Patel, who wrote on Twitter that the attack was “sick, shocking and shameful”.

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“We are not heavy bags for society,” Ken Marsh, head of the Metropolitan Police Union, said in a statement. “On this occasion, our colleagues happily reported only minor injuries – but the fact that it could have been much worse.”

On Thursday, the Metropolitan Police confirmed the arrest of two men.

“The attacks on the police will not be tolerated,” said London mayor Sadiq Khan. He added: “These brave officers do their homework and help the public – I wish them a speedy recovery.”

Khan supported the protests, which saw tens of thousands take to the streets in London and other UK cities, but he condemned the small number of demonstrators who participated in tense scenes with the officers.

As in the United States, many demonstrators were highlighting police brutality against blacks and people A higher rate at which blacks are imprisoned.

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