Trump addresses a socially distanced West Point graduation

Trump’s skill now shows opposite results

The producer of the President’s TV leads him to the search for exciting paintings that create his favorite image of himself – strong, defiant, tearing up the constituent structures and treading the ordinary manners of the presidency.

However, his recent attempts to create discontinued political pictures appear to be counter-productive.

In his most recent example on Saturday, Trump’s attempt to include himself in the strength and prestige of the military at a graduation ceremony in West Point apparently failed to his advantage, when his creeping crawl on the slope caused so much ridicule on social media that he felt the need to explain it in his own tweet .
Despite all his tweets about law and order, he was not overburdened by the latest police brutal incident – Richard Brooks’ fatal shooting back in Atlanta, which led to the city’s police chief’s resignation – while he was lonely at a New Jersey golf resort for most of the weekend.
The Mayor of Atlanta Pledges & # 39; We will get to the other side of this & # 39; After the last shooting involved with the police
The president’s now infamous march to an iconic church in Washington, Lafayette Square in the capital, after the demonstrators were forcibly expelled, aimed to show strength to his supporters, but turned into a symbol of his mismanagement of George Floyd’s protests and his relationship with current and former military copper was strained. A high iron fence around the White House has turned into a symbol of the president’s separation from the changes sweeping the nation. Trump’s instincts throughout Floyd’s death with a police officer’s knee on his neck were to take advantage of the situation to bolster his own political horizons – instead of calming tensions and pursuing national reconciliation. Over the weekend, for example, he criticized the NFL policy to support the rights of his players to protest during the national anthem.
“It seems the NFL is moving in this direction as well, but I am not watching,” the president tweeted. Trump has long been taking advantage of the controversy over players taking the knee to protest police brutality to create a cultural war case to lure his supporters. But there is a possibility that when NFL games resume, his choice to escalate could turn against the president if he installs more and more players and reflects a nation that is increasingly prepared to reconsider some of its stances on race.

Back on the campaign trail

This week, the president will return to the campaign trail and hold a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Saturday evening – despite fears that an internal event with a kind of massive crowd banned from sporting events will cause a significant rise in infections from the new coronavirus. The initial plan was to gather on Friday. But the decision coinciding with Juneteenth, a holiday marking the end of slavery, has led to a deafening assertion of the president’s tone on race. Instead of leading the case, the president is lagging behind – Democratic and Republican lawmakers alike are reforming the police and with major changes to the law enforcement practice ordered by states and mayors.
Tulsa's health director hopes Trump will delay the rally due to an increase in Covid-19 cases

Trump’s marches, a stark example of the art of political performance, are more important to him than it might be to a traditional politician. Not only does the president give a central opportunity to bask in the flattery of the masses, but they also define in many ways his wild presidency, and give the impression that Trump is organizing a massive anti-Washington political movement.

Presentation of the 2020 presidential elections

Trump is planning more rallies in Arizona, Texas and Florida – the countries where the virus is rapidly rising again after the early economic openings he called for. Events will likely focus attention on his denial of the epidemic and the imprecise judgment that the United States has “triumphed” over the crisis.

At the same time, his boastful refusal to wear the mask undermines his government’s message that face caps can dramatically slow the spread of coronavirus and speed up the resumption of normalcy. American general surgeon Dr. Jerome Adams on Sunday undermined Trump’s implied argument that government-imposed changes to social behavior to deal with the virus violate Americans’ fundamental rights. Adams wrote on Twitter: “Some people feel that their face covers violate their freedom of choice – but if they wear them more, we will have more freedom to go out.”
In many ways, Trump’s presidency is a series of interconnected and determined moments, from the summits he held with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, which did nothing to persuade the isolated country to withdraw from its nuclear campaign, to interim declarations such as the recent decision to leave the WHO in a pandemic . Critics saw this decision as an attempt to avoid blame for its failures in fighting the virus, which has long insisted it will not be a problem for the United States, and has now killed more than 115,000 Americans.
State polls show a clear shift toward Democrats since the protests began
This was the case, for example, when he visited France in 2017 as a guest of honor in the country’s Bastille Day procession and returned home determined to present his amazing offer with himself as the central piece. The event was ultimately embodied in a highly controversial celebration on July 4 of last year, which delighted his supporters but alienated millions of Americans by politicizing patriotism and posing serious questions about the president’s use of the military as political support.

One of the key questions for the November elections will be whether the message the president sends to his supporters – and to mid-way swing voters – with his brazen skill will be enough to assemble a winning coalition or more voters can end up being turned against him.

Trump shoots slope walking around

The president and his re-election campaign spent months trying to portray Democrat Joe Biden as weak, mentally and physically unfit for the harshness of the presidency.

But the White House refused to be forthright about the president’s health, including a mysterious and unplanned visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center last November.

When critics raised questions about Trump’s slow walking down the West Point ramp, he could not handle it.

The president, who turned 74 on Sunday, responded to Twitter with his own account of what had happened, which only exaggerated the moment.

A & # 39; Panic button ' A moment for the Republicans in the Senate

“The slope that I landed after my West Point speech was very long and steep, he had no handrails, and most importantly, it was very slippery. The last thing I was going to do was“ falling ”for Fake News to enjoy it the last ten feet I ran to earth. Momentum! “The president wrote in a tweet early Sunday morning.

West Point graduation continued although students have been involved in online learning since March since becoming the academy in New York, and is one of the worst affected areas during the epidemic.

The president made it clear last April that he plans to attend graduation in person, despite critics warning that he was putting students at risk, as they were again called up for this socially distant event.

Before his campaign rally in Tulsa on Saturday, attendees are required to sign a waiver pledging that they will not prosecute the president’s campaign if they are infected with the virus, a situation that has sparked criticism that Trump puts people – pioneers of the gathering and people who will meet in society – at risk to further his own political requirements.

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