Trump's presidency is now at its lowest point

Trump’s presidency is now at its lowest point

Trump’s absolute deaf response to the death of George Floyd while in police custody in Minneapolis – most notably a photograph of Trump carrying the Bible outside St. John’s Church in Washington – She was categorically criticized, Including many former top White House officials. Former Defense Secretary James Mattis said earlier this month: “Donald Trump is the first president in my life not trying to unite the American people – and he doesn’t even pretend to try.” Instead, he is trying to divide us. ”
Another former Trump administration official, National Security Adviser John Bolton, came out with notes of his time at the White House suggesting, among other things, that Trump has asked for the Chinese president’s help in his 2020 re-election race and appears to have agreed to the use of concentration camps by China. Bolton, In an interview with ABC NewsHe said that Trump is not “fit for the position” and has “no ability to do the job.”
This series of body strikes severely damaged Trump’s chances of winning a second term. for him The approval rating collapsed Last month’s Gallup Poll. The last national poll of CNN showed that Trump trails former Vice President Joe Biden by 14 points. The swing state poll shows similar gaps widening between Biden and Trump.

Add it All Until you get this: In Rollercoaster Presidency, this is the lowest Trump ever.

And this even took his charge into account! why? In contrast to his removal by the House of Representatives earlier this year, Trump’s actions over the past month (or so) have resulted in a shrinking of his support rather than the effect of a crowd among his base.

It is too early to announce Trump’s presidency – there are still 138 days before the November elections – but there is no doubt that he now faces longer odds than ever in his attempt to win a second term.

As he often does when facing facts he doesn’t like, Trump turns to favorable outlets – and Twitter – to find his own reality.

“If you look at the polls, we are very ahead of the sleeper atmosphere in terms of enthusiasm,” Trump told Fox News Chan Hannity in a phone interview on Wednesday evening. “We have enthusiasm like never before. In fact, I have the lowest level of enthusiasm as I hear it.” (or not.)
On the coronavirus, Trump said: “I don’t even like talking about it, because it is fading away. It will fade away.” (This week 10 states have reported the largest number of coronavirus infections since the epidemic began.)
After the DACA Supreme Court decision Thursday, Trump tweeted this:

“These horrific, politically charged decisions of the Supreme Court are bursts of gunshots in the face of people who are proud to call themselves Republicans or Conservatives. We need more judges or we will lose the second amendment and everything else. Trump’s vote 2020!”

Then he added in Next Tweet: “Do you have the impression that the Supreme Court does not love me?” (Trump appointed two judges – Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Chief Justice John Roberts, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito were also appointed by Republican presidents.)

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal published Thursday afternoon, Trump appears to be credited with drawing attention to Juneteenth, a day to commemorate the official end of slavery in the United States.

“She did a good thing: She made Juneteenth very famous” Trump said. “It is indeed an important event and an important time. But no one has heard of it before.” (Forty-seven states and the District of Columbia celebrate the nineteenth day as a holiday.)

However, Trump’s retreat to an alternative reality will not change the actual reality. No matter how many tweets he sends or how many fans he adores in an inner courtyard in Tulsa on Saturday, the facts are: Trump not only faces the worst political outlook for his presidency, but also faces signs of revolution from within his own party and even among those he once relied on as advisers. Trusted.

Trump loves to insist that he does better when everything is chaos around him and when people count him. Now is his chance to prove it – because drilling from the hole he made for himself would be a huge task.

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