Trump “generally” supports the harassment ban, but he says it is sometimes necessary

U.S. President Donald Trump held a meeting at the White House on June 10 in Washington.
U.S. President Donald Trump held a meeting at the White House on June 10 in Washington. Doug Mills / Paul / Getty Images

President Trump has said “generally” that he supports a choking ban on police officers, but that in some cases this may be necessary.

“I don’t like nicks,” the president said in an interview with Fox News radio on Friday. “I will say this, as a person – you grow up and wrestle and fight, or you see what happens, sometimes if you are alone and fighting someone, this is difficult. And you get someone in the gorge room, what are you going to do? He is a really bad person, and you know that, and they are there Really, I mean, we have some real bad guys. “

Trump continued: “You have someone in a stuffy store, what will you do?” Let me say, “Let’s start again, am I not allowed to bring you to the strangulation room? “It is a difficult situation.”

“I think the concept of chokeholds seems very innocent and perfect. If it’s two on one, that’s a slightly different story,” he said. “I think it would be very good, in general, it should end.”

The president said that regulations for police officers who perform choking operations can be local, but the federal government “can certainly make very strong recommendations and recommendations.”

The president’s comments come as Democrats and Republicans in Congress work on legislative proposals aimed at reducing police brutality and misconduct. The largest Republican in the US House of Representatives Thursday said He said he would support the choking ban, a proposal currently included in the Democratic House of Representatives bill.

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