CNN goes inside Seattle's autonomous zone

The shooting of the Seattle protest area leaves one dead

“The officers tried to locate the victim of the shooting, but a violent crowd met them, preventing the officers from having safe access to the victims,” ​​the statement said. The police said they were later informed that two medical workers from CHOP had taken the two victims to hospital.

The officers went to the Harborview Medical Center, where they were told that a 19-year-old man had died of his wounds. The police said that the other victim of the shooting – a male – was still in hospital with life-threatening injuries.

The suspect or suspects are still at large.

“The murder investigators have responded and are conducting a thorough investigation, despite the challenges posed by the circumstances,” the police statement said.

The accident footage

Police later released video footage of the accident.

The video shows the first moments of the shooting, as the sound of the shots were taken on security cameras. Later, a body camera video showed protesters facing the police upon their arrival at the scene.

This video shows that at least eight officers entered the area, some carrying shields, while protesters were shouting at them. One of the officers can be heard saying, “Please stay out of the way until we reach the victim. All we are trying to do is reach the victim and provide them with assistance.”

A passerby can be heard shouting: “You do not belong here, they are gone, the victim is gone.” Another says, “Put your guns.”

A later clip shows that the police are leaving while members of the public continue to yell at them. Some can be seen blocking other protesters as officers head towards patrol cars.

As the officer in camera walked away, he shouted, “Move, get out of the way” as the protesters apparently hit the car.

Police climbed a building east of the district in the Capitol Hill neighborhood and left it occupied after tensions with protesters reached a boiling point during protests over the killing of George Floyd police in Minneapolis.

Seattle police chief denies allegations that her department is not responding
On Monday, Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best denied the allegations The officers in her administration were instructed not to answer 911 calls at CHOP.

“Seattle is not under siege and we are responding to every call and every area of ​​the city,” Best told CNN on Monday. She acknowledged that roadblocks in the area could slow the police’s arrival.

When CNN visited the region last Sunday, journalists found a festival-like atmosphere, with reflection and drawing. Some people in the area carried firearms openly, which is permitted in Washington state.

Turn yourself in

On CHOP Saturday, protesters expressed grief over the shooting.

“When I got up this morning and learned about it – my heart broke,” one of the men told KIRO’s CNN. “I like how it was organized but last night – while I slept somewhere else – someone was killed.”

He appealed to the officials to surrender to the police, indicating that the protesters would take a more difficult line: “Turn yourself in, because if you don’t … it is better if the police catch you more than you do.”

Another denounced the effect on the protest movement, saying: “Last night’s shooting will remove the message.”

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