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The French Ministry of Health sprayed red paint by protesters against the coronavirus

A couple having lunch under a pane glass in Paris on May 27.
A couple having lunch under a pane glass in Paris on May 27. Alain Jocard / AFP via Getty Images

French Prime Minister Edward Philippe said casinos and amusement arcades will be reopened on Monday in France, as part of an additional relaxation of coronary virus restrictions.

A statement issued by Philip’s office said that the improvement in the health situation already allows some of the bans to be lifted.

Group sport will also be allowed to resume on Monday, but contact sports are still prohibited.

“The situation of (communication sport) will be discussed before September,” the statement says.

July 11 marks the end of the emergency in France. Up to 5,000 people will be allowed to fill in stadiums from that date, although some restrictions will remain. The statement added that “activities involving more than 1500 people must be announced to ensure the necessary precautions.”

The maximum number of 5,000 people will last until September 1, but “the national epidemiological situation will be reassessed in mid-July to see if it can be mitigated in the second part of August,” according to Philip’s office.

Nightclub owners and international cruise operators will have to wait until September to see if they can resume their activities.

France recorded 19,083 cases of coronavirus and 29,620 deaths Johns Hopkins University.

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