The Elon Musk tunnel project achieved a milestone. But the future is not clear.

The Elon Musk tunnel project achieved a milestone. But the future is not clear.

Musk’s career is rich in achievements that have earned him a place in history. Make electric cars popular in Tesla and Pioneer Reusable missiles In SpaceX, which recently became the first private company to send astronauts into space. But he gained a reputation because he made bold statements, and not always at the level of fulfilling them.
He intended to send space tourists Around the moon In 2018, to demonstrate cross-country campaign in Tesla Autonomous By the end of 2017. Over the years, Musk has set its sights on converting both intercity and intercity transport infrastructure into apparent success to date.

He created a boring company to pursue his transit vision. One of his projects, which includes two one-mile tunnels in Las Vegas, was completed last month. When it opens to work in January 2021, little of the original vision will be realized. Passengers will enter the Tesla vehicle – driven by another human person, rather than transported by independent skis – and be driven at a top speed of 35 mph, according to the Las Vegas agreement and CEO of Steve Hill Visitor.

In 2017, Musk tweeted that he received “verbal government approval” to build a tunnel from New York to Washington, DC, which led to a widespread Media coverage. The Interurban Rapid Transit project, which was originally announced in 2013 and is called Hyperloop, would in theory be accomplished by building independent electric carriers that would carry passengers at speeds of up to 600 mph. But the first leg of this project is currently mired in an environmental review, and there is no clear timeline for its completion.
He was on stage in April 2017 at hour Ted Ideas conference, that musk showed animation Video Among the vehicles that were lowered into the tunnels on the elevators that mixed in parking places on the side of the road and speeded through the city on electric skis. An interurban transport project called Loop and claimed that its independent ride would be cheaper than a bus. Misk said that thirty layers of tunnels in the city could completely solve the problem of crowding in high-density cities November 2018.
But the full tunnels of Boring Company at the Las Vegas Convention Center will open more than a year ago Estimate the original Musk, Is far from Ted’s slick video. Beyond the 35mph speed limit and the primary need for human drivers, the project is built for conference goers and not currently dedicated to public transportation.

The system will be based on the Tesla 3s and Xs models. A tram built on the Form 3 chassis carrying 12-16 passengers can be entered later, Hill said. The vehicles are expected to eventually run independently, once they are proven safe. Hill said he was not sure how long it would take.

Boring and a Musk representative did not respond to CNN Business’s requests for comment.

Recently completed tunnels may expand throughout Greater Las Vegas, providing trips between casinos, resorts, residential quarters, a sports stadium, and airport. Two resorts, Wayne Las Vegas and Resorts World Las Vegas, submitted expansion plans this month to local government for approval. Both are about 1.6 km from the Convention Center.

Construction may begin later this year, pending approval. The prices will be affordable, according to a spokeswoman for Resorts World Las Vegas, which is due to open in the summer of 2021. No further details have been revealed about the proposed expansion.

Hill said tickets will cost $ 3 to $ 5, making them more expensive than a bus ticket. Individual bus trips can be $ 3 or less in Las Vegas, and a monthly bus ticket can be obtained for $ 65.

Boring has released a map of how to further extend the episode, with 27 additional stops in Las Vegas, and an extension to Los Angeles. But this suggestion has not left the drawing board yet. So far it appears to be just a suggestion without a login from Las Vegas.

A spokesperson for McCarran International Airport said that there is no official thing under preparation for any new airport communications with the sector or conference centers. Las Vegas Mayor Caroline Goodman declined to comment on this story.

While the reality at this point does not rise to the initial visibility of Musk, Las Vegas leaders are enthusiastic about the potential expansion, which they see as a cost-effective way to improve local transportation.

“We looked at the subway systems, we looked at the monorail, and we looked at the light rail,” Hill said. “Not because we haven’t thought of anything. Either we have no place for it or we cannot afford it.”

He said that a monorail, for example, could cost $ 100 million. Boring has not requested public funding and believes it can drastically reduce costs of digging tunnels.

However, there are questions about whether it will keep its promise, cost-effective and serving a large number of visitors. Misk, CEO of SpaceX, Tesla and Neuralink said Last month Spends less than 1% of his time in the company. Musk played a major role in the success of his other companies, so his limited time contribution can affect the company’s success.
In 2017, Musk announced that he had received government approval for A. Suggested Hyperloop, an underground high-speed rail service that runs between New York and Washington DC in less than 30 minutes at speeds of more than 600 mph. questions It remains on whether Musk has sufficient approvals to complete the project.

Meanwhile, alongside Las Vegas, some other Loop Company projects have progressed slowly to Boring. If completed, it will operate at lower speeds, with a cover of 155 mph.

For example, her project between DC and Baltimore is under environmental review, according to a spokesperson for the Federal Highway Administration. A federal government website tracking the review of permitted infrastructure projects described as complete by the end of 2019. The spokesman declined to say why the review seemed to be delayed.

The project will initially be limited to 1,000 passengers per direction per day, according to the government Environmental assessment From the project. This would give her less power than the Mark Camden line, which is a passenger train service linking the same two cities, with an average ride per weekday of 5075, according to Maryland State Data. The evaluation says that Loop’s power is due to the limited size of the DC Loop station’s location. Future expansions may accommodate more than 100,000 passengers per direction per day, when flights are included to future intermediate stations, according to the evaluation.

If Boring is surveyed to move forward with DC to the New Hyperloop project in New York, the winding project path south of Baltimore will make it technically unrealistic to maintain the expected high velocities of musk, according to Christian Claudel, a professor of transportation engineering at the University of Texas-Austin Who advised students on the Hyperloop Project. Given the severity of the curves in the project map, the G forces will be very severe even for combat pilots.

Seems to be building plans for a ring from downtown Chicago to O’Hare Airport Moth. A Chicago city spokesperson said the project had not been discussed since Mayor Laurie Lightfoot took office a year ago.

But in Vegas, interest is still high to see what Boring can accomplish, if expanded.

“In my view, it is only a matter of time,” said Jeremy Aguero, spokesman for the Las Vegas Stadium Authority board. “The world of possibilities is important to southern Nevada and perhaps further afield.”

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