Taiwan airport offers "to pretend to travel abroad" tours amid the "Coved 19" pandemic

Taiwan airport offers “to pretend to travel abroad” tours amid the “Coved 19” pandemic

(CNN) – With planes stopping and most tourism stopping while the coronavirus pandemic is spreading, a Taiwanese airport has come up with a unique solution to help citizens get their travel repairs.

Taipei Songshan Airport will give 90 people the opportunity to tour their airport and recover the experience of passing through immigration, boarding a plane and then disembarking and returning home.

“I cannot leave (Taiwan), then pretend to travel abroad in Songshan,” said a post posted on the airport’s website.

View of the Songshan International Airport logo in Taipei in January.

View of the Songshan International Airport logo in Taipei in January.

SOPA / LightRocket images / SOPA / LightRocket images via Gett

Songshan is the smallest international airport in Taipei, located in the city center, next to the Keelung River.

International tourism has been effectively stopped in most parts of the world as countries close their borders in an effort to avoid an outbreak of new coronaviruses, which have already infected more than 7 million people worldwide.

Some countries are already looking at innovative ways to boost their travel industries. In one example, Australia and New Zealand are organizing a “travel bubble” between the two countries.
Taiwan closed its borders in March Amid the growing coronary virus pandemic, foreign citizens Still prohibited From visiting the island.

According to the competition’s prospectus, there will be three rounds at Songshan Airport on July 2, 4 and 7.

Chih-Ching Wang, deputy director of Taipei Songshan Airport, said the tours will take half a day and allow visitors to experience what it will be like when migrating and then boarding the plane, followed by re-entry into the country through immigration.

“People who have not had the opportunity to make international trips in Songshan (can) use this opportunity to experience and learn more about the boarding process and related service facilities,” Wang said.

The participants will be allowed to board a plane as if they were taking a flight, Wang said, after which they will disembark and return through immigration.

The flyers will be “the first to test the new facilities at the airport,” the leaflets said, adding that visitors can “complete missions” and take “mysterious and exclusive gifts” to the home country.

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