Richard Brooks' wife says she wants the officers to go to prison

Richard Brooks’ wife says she wants the officers to go to prison

Justin Miller, a Brooks family lawyer, told CNN Anna Cabrera on Sunday that the first comment of a police officer after the shooting of Richard Brooks was a “very worrying” killer.

Paul Howard, Fulton County Attorney, told CNN: “We already have an opportunity to hear the officer’s first statement after the shooting. What the officer said is not that he saved his life. What he said,” I got to him. “

Miller said he and his family were aware of a statement “I understood from him.”

It was very upsetting to me, my partner Chris, and the widow Tameka. Miller said very annoying.

Miller also discussed the autopsy, saying they hadn’t seen the report, but they knew some of the things that would be in it.

“We know he was shot twice in the back. Once in the middle of his back, once in his buttocks, and these shots ended in his death,” Miller said.

Regarding the accusations, Miller said, “This is a little different from saying the murder of George Floyd because it is still a murder, but only legal aspects, it falls differently when there is a fight and a tyrant and then a fugitive is killed.”

On Miller’s accusations, he said, “Perhaps it will not be a murder.”

“This is very difficult,” Miller said. “As you know, you are just looking at all the other cases that were a little bit clearer, and you know, lethal to the client, and they weren’t accused of murder.”

Miller said good people and city leaders are taking steps to “alleviate problems”.

“But it is not justice, and we really don’t think it can ever be fair because a man’s life has been killed, children have lost a father, and the wife has lost a husband.”

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