Video shows the moment a man drove his car into a group of protesters in downtown Portland, injuring three.

Police said a man drove a car in a crowd of Portland protesters and wounded 3 others

The accident, which occurred early on Wednesday morning, occurred when demonstrators demonstrated in downtown Portland as part of the weeks-long protests that were set up to reform the police. It reflects an incident last week in Henrico County, Virginia, where a man was arrested after driving his car through a black walk.

Police said in a statement that Anthony Eagles-Lasandro, 27, had come to a crowd of protesters after one o’clock AM EST near Southwest Third Avenue near Alder Street in his car. The statement added that Eaglehorse Lasandro then went to the crowd, beat several demonstrators, drove “at a high speed” and took the wrong path in the streets.

Eaglehorse-Lasandro has wounded three people, but the three have been wounded, and the police say “they are believed to be life-threatening.” The police added that two were taken to the hospital with an ambulance and a patient was taken for treatment in a personal car.

The statement said that after Eaglehorse-Lasandro escaped from the scene in his car, the police in the plane “were able to monitor the vehicle and provide updates on the site while the suspect vehicle was recklessly driving.”

In the end, he was arrested after he hit another car, a roadblock, and tried to escape on foot, police said.

Prison records show that Eaglehorse Lasandro was arrested on charges that included “felony and flight”, “reckless driving” and “possession of a controlled substance”. It is unclear whether he has a lawyer.

Police say this was the only arrest related to the evening protests.

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