Man says he's lost family to virus. Why he's not wearing a mask.

Officials across the south are warning that more young people have positive results for the coronavirus

Shifts in demographics have been recorded in parts of Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas and other states – many of which were among the first to be reopened.

While some officials have reported more widespread testing, others say the new cases stem from the failure of Americans in the social dimension.

Despite stark warnings from experts across the United States, hundreds gathered on Saturday in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in President Donald Trump’s first re-election campaign since the start of the epidemic.

Few people wear masks even when Tulsa County reported the largest number of new infections on Saturday – the fifth time this week that the country has set a record.

The United States has recorded more than 2.2 million cases and at least 119,919 deaths so far Johns Hopkins University.

Where the youth test is positive

In Florida, Governor Ron Desantis Saturday said The cases “are turning in a fundamental direction” towards the population in their twenties and thirties.

The governor said that these younger groups, who have proven to be positive for the most part, have no symptoms and do not require clinical care.

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“We also see that they are not only testing positive results because they are testing more, but are also experiencing increasingly positive rates over the past week,” Desantis said, adding that there is evidence of transmission between these younger groups.

He said that this increased test comes with many people returning to the workforce.

Experts raised alarm about climbing situations in Florida, saying that the state could become the next epicenter of coronavirus in the United States. On Saturday, Florida reported 4,049 new cases – most of which were reported in one day.

In South Carolina, health officials said on Friday that people under the age of 30 are increasingly infected with the virus 18% of all state cases come from people between 21 and 30 years old.

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“The increases we see are a warning that young people and young people are not immune to Covid-19,” said Dr. Branon Traxler., The state’s Ministry of Health and Environmental Control Doctor consultant. “They also tell us that younger South Carolina youth are not taking the social dimension seriously.”
The largest hospital in Georgia also reported that it saw an increase in the number of patients in their twenties and thirties, according to CNN affiliate. WSB.

“It is a somewhat annoying trend, and what not only scares me is that they are younger, and that they can infect others, especially parents and grandparents,” said Robert Robert Jansen, chief physician of the Grady Health System. Station.

Less than 7% social exclusion in Texas County

In Galveston County, Texas, Dr. Philip Kaiser of the local health department told her CNN KPRC They see a lot of infections in young adults.

He told Al-Akhbar that the age of the people whose health has been proven is directed towards the youth.

He said: “The average age of positive people last week was 30, and the average age of people taking the test is 47.”

These figures come because many have not followed the guidelines issued by health officials, which urge residents to keep their distance and wear face caps.

“We have data from some mobile phone companies that show in Galveston County that less than 7% of people are moving away from society,” Kaiser said.

Galveston County is home to about 342,139 people, according to United States Census Bureau.

Almost half of the states see a rise in new cases

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, at least 23 states tend to rise in new cases compared to last week. Ten of these states reported a jump of over 50% – including Texas and Florida, which were among the first to begin reopening.

California, the first state to implement comprehensive bans, is seeing an increase in cases.

Meanwhile, new cases in New York – once the epicenter – are retreating. Governor Andrew Como on Friday gave his last briefing on coronaviruses after what he called “111 Days of Hell”.

While some countries refer to record numbers of new daily cases and state leaders are considering implementing face mask requirements, the World Health Organization has warned that the epidemic is accelerating.

These are the states where people are required to wear masks when out in public

More than 150,000 new cases of the virus were reported to the World Health Organization on Thursday, WHO Director-General Tidros Adhanum Gebresos said at a press conference on Friday.

He said nearly half of those cases were reported from the Americas.

“The world is in a new and dangerous stage. Many people are tired of being in their homes. Countries are understandably eager to open their societies and economies. But the virus is spreading quickly, and is still deadly, and most people are still sensitive.”

Melissa Alonso and Martin Savage of CNN contributed to this report.

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