Na'kia Crawford: Reward in Akron, Ohio shot dead last graduate

Na’kia Crawford: Reward in Akron, Ohio shot dead last graduate

Now, Crime Stoppers from Summit County, Ohio, offers a reward of $ 50,000 USD for information on the case.

Nickia Crawford, 18, was killed on Sunday. While calls poured into the police, no arrests have been made so far.

“We have already set aside hundreds of hours of work for this crime, and we will continue to do so,” said Jesse Lesser, Akron’s deputy chief of police, at a press conference on Tuesday.

Witnesses told police that a black sports car with tinted windows stopped right behind the white Chevrolet Malibu from Crawford. The suspect, or suspects, stopped by the driver in Malibu and “fired several shots at the side of her car.”

Crawford was taken to a hospital with several bullets, where she later died. Laser said her grandmother was not hurt in the shooting.

“Someone knows something,” Leser said, calling for the public’s help in finding officials.

Crawford was a recent graduate from North High School in Akron and was planning to enroll in Central State University.

“The future you dreamed of was stolen from it,” Akron Mayor Dan Horigan said.

The Crawford Family donates $ 20,000 to reward a preliminary crime of $ 5,000. Dr. Cliff Devenney, President and CEO, Summa Health, has donated another $ 25,000. Akron police said that the rewards for crime are currently suspended 50 thousand dollars.

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