ARLINGTON, TX - DECEMBER 02:  A detail photo of a Dallas Cowboys helmet before a game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Cowboys Stadium on December 2, 2012 in Arlington, Texas.

Many Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texas players tested positive for Coronavirus

None of the players were in the team’s facilities, and the two teams followed appropriate health protocols.

“Because of federal and local privacy laws, we cannot provide personal health information to any of our employees,” Cowboys told CNN in a statement on Monday. CNN contacted the Texas National Football League team to confirm.

NFL teams were allowed to reopen their facilities from May 19, provided they met all requirements to do so.

“Clubs may reopen their facilities as of May 19 if they are permitted to do so under state and local regulations, and adhere to any additional public health requirements in their jurisdiction, and the protocols developed by Dr. Sills and Roger Godel, Commissioner of the National Football Association have written in a note, Referring to the league’s chief physician Dr. Allen Sills, “It was distributed to all clubs on May 6.”

Last month , Sills told That while other sports leagues determine how to return, football faces its own challenges because “football and physical distancing are incompatible”.

“We fully anticipate that positive cases will emerge,” Sills told at the time.

Previously, Denver’s Bronkos von Miller and Los Angeles Center Rams Brian Allen were positive for Covid-19.
Sean Payton, coach of the New Orleans Sants team, was the first person in the National Football League to be positive in March.

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