Former Vice President Joe Biden, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, during a primary night rally in the Baldwin Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, U.S., on Tuesday, March 3, 2020.

Joe Biden will accept the Democratic presidential nomination in Milwaukee

“He will be in Milwaukee,” one Biden official said, confirming the presence of the former vice president on the last night of the conference, probably on August 20.

The matter has been made clear to major donors and campaign supporters in recent days, plus Biden’s formal acceptance of the party’s nomination – the most prominent multi-day event – will happen in Milwaukee.

In the city, the countdown sign was narrowing the days on the bulletin board in the city center, even though the event was still mired in uncertainty in the wake of the coronary pandemic.

On Thursday, the color number plate says: “59 days until the National Democratic Convention.”

Many people who contacted the Biden campaign also said that even while key details are still being sorted, there is a general consensus that due to the largely apparent nature of the agreement, the overall goal now is to produce several hours of engaging programming every night that will carry them. Major TV networks. Speaking on condition of anonymity, these people said that being forced to analyze the agreement’s schedule – relative to what might be in the absence of a coronavirus – Biden’s allies did not consider it negative.

Officials are nearing the final stages to include a series of minor events in battlefield states, but no final decisions have been made on the sites. One official said that one of the reasons is the high incidence of coronavirus.

Some of the cities under study for small communities include Charlotte, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Phoenix, as well as another location in Milwaukee, according to a source familiar with the planning. The gatherings can be broadcasted on those sites directly over the Internet, directly to the Milwaukee main event, or both. According to the source, the DNC is inviting conference sponsors to see if this is a plan they will support.

Wisconsin Democratic officials, a decisive battleground, were in a state of mystery over the planning of the conference. The city is partially reopened, but officials are still working from home throughout the city.

Biden’s campaign recently hired two senior advisors to oversee Biden’s preparations for the agreement. Adesso Dimisi, who directed the presidential campaign for Senator Corey Booker, is charged with coordinating the conference. Lindsay Holst, who served as Biden’s digital director while vice president, was responsible for the main digital component of the event.

In a recent interview with WITI in Milwaukee, Biden said he prefers having a personal element in the agreement but said public health concerns will influence decisions. He suggested that the event take place in a smaller location and may include other locations as well.

Tom Perez, chairman of the National Democratic Committee, said last week that his team would continue to follow the guidance of public health officials in their planning of the agreement, and indicated that his team had “flexibility to do what was necessary.”

He added: “I look forward to being in Milwaukee in the week of August 17.”

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