Japanese broadcaster NHK criticized Anime Black Lives Matter

Japanese broadcaster NHK criticized Anime Black Lives Matter

The video, about 80 seconds long, showed a black man talking with difficulty Japanese About the background of the American protests.

He explained that the underlying causes of the unrest included a growing wealth gap between black and white Americans, and a higher rate of job losses among the black community due to Covid-19.

However, she did not mention the death of George Floyd or police brutality in the United States.

The public broadcaster NHK posted the video to Twitter on Sunday but has since deleted it after receiving heavy criticism online.

Joseph M. Young, acting chargĂ© d’affaires of the US embassy in Tokyo, on Tuesday that the anime is “offensive and insensitive”.

He said: “While we understand the NHK’s intention to address complex racial issues in the United States, it is unfortunate that more thought and interest did not enter this video.” “Learning about justice and racial equality is a lifelong endeavor. A great place to start is the” Talking about Race “exhibition at the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Naomi Osaka, a Japanese professional tennis player, also responded to the NHK post with a popular picture of “Family Feud” host Steve Harvey puzzled.

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Other people on Twitter also responded to the NHK’s tweet by calling it “a shame” and posting “wrong information” about the unrest.

In a statement, the NHK said the animation was part of a 26-minute program explaining American protests, which also discussed Floyd’s death, tackling the matter by Donald Trump’s administration, its criticism, as well as a deep division in American society.

“We at the NHK would like to sincerely apologize for the computer clip posted on our Twitter account,” she said. “We regret the lack of appropriate consideration in carrying the passage, and we apologize to everyone who offended.”

On Saturday there were street protests in Tokyo against police brutality as part of a wave of global demonstrations after Floyd’s death in Minneapolis.

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