George Floyd's brother tells lawmakers: "He didn't deserve to die more than $ 20"

George Floyd’s brother tells lawmakers: “He didn’t deserve to die more than $ 20”

On Wednesday, Philonise Floyd will appear before the House Judicial Committee for a hearing on oversight and accountability for law enforcement. This comes after the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody, an event that has sparked national outrage alongside ongoing protests and civil unrest over the issue of police misconduct and racial injustice.

Derek Chauven, J. Alexander Koenig, Thomas Lin and Tu Thao were answering a call about a $ 20 fraudulent bill on May 25 when they held Floyd. Chauvin pressed his knee at Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes. The four officers were shot and now facing charges of Floyd’s death.

In his testimony, Floyd’s brother said: “George has always been making sacrifices for the sake of his family. He made sacrifices for the sake of perfect strangers. He made little that he had to help others. It was our kind giant. I remembered it when I watched a video of his murder, and he called all the officers sir. He was moderate, did not resist, and listened to all the officers, the men who had killed, strangled him for eight minutes 46 seconds, and still called them “my master” as he pleaded for his life. ”

He added, “I can’t tell you what kind of pain you feel when you see something like this.”

He said his voice rising: “I am tired. I am sick of the pain, the pain that you feel when you see something like this. When you see your big brother who you have been looking for all your life you die, you die I beg his mother. I’m here to ask you to stop. Stop the pain Stop us from getting tired. “

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Floyd’s brother mentioned mass protests unfolding across the United States and called for police reform and accountability.

“George asked for help and was ignored. Please listen to the call I am making now for you. To the calls of our family and the calls to the streets all over the world,” he said.

“Honor them, honor George, and make the necessary changes to make law enforcement the solution not the problem. Teach them that lethal force should be used only rarely and only when life is in danger. George was not harming anyone that day. He was not worth the death of more than $ 20. ”

Floyd’s brother said out loud and full of emotion that he had not had the opportunity to say goodbye to his brother, adding, “I stole it, but I know he’s looking at us now.”

He said in his address directly to George: “Look at what I did, my older brother, I changed the world. Thank you for everything, for our care on the ground, for our care now. I hope you find Mama and you can rest in peace with authority. Thank you.”

This story was updated with additional developments on Wednesday.

Lauren Fox and Hermit Core of CNN contributed to this report.

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