Four fishermen arrested in connection with the death of rare silver gorilla Rafiqi

Four fishermen arrested in connection with the death of rare silver gorilla Rafiqi

The gorilla – known as Rafiqi, which means “friend” in the Swahili language – was part of the famous Gorilla Nkurengo group that lives in the impenetrable Boende National Park and popular with tourists.

According to a statement issued by the Ugandan Wildlife Commission, my companion was reported missing on June 1. The search started the next day, and his body was found inside the park.

A post-mortem report revealed that Rafiqi had severe wounds to his stomach and internal organs, according to the statement.

A man was arrested after finding bushmeat and several hunting equipment was found in his possession on June 4.

The statement said he had confessed to the killing of Rafiqi, but said he had done so in self-defense. He told the authorities that he went with a group to hunt in the garden when they came across the gorilla. The wildlife authority said in her release that the silver had accused her and speared her.

The statement said the man shared a bushmeat with his fellow fishermen. The four suspects are awaiting trial, but it is not clear what charges they face.

The statement said that while my companion died, the Nkurengo group had 17 gorillas. Silver silver was the dominant man in the group that also included three blacks or younger adult males, eight adult females, two juveniles and three children, according to the Ugandan Wildlife Commission.

The group was the first to reside in the southern part of the park that houses about half of the world’s mountain gorillas.

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