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Colin Powell says the president has “moved away” from the constitution

If you are a white person in America then social justice teacher Robin Dangelo has a message for you: You are racist, pure and simple, and without conscious effort throughout your life, you will always be.

You can’t just help, you see, because you’ve been immersed in the white franchise cocoon since you got out of your mother’s womb, to protest the insult of all of that.

You may be blabbling now with indignation at this insult to your humanity – how it is You are Racist? You have black colleagues that you consider friends; You don’t see skin tone; You never owned slaves; You marched in the sixties; Even today you protest the official “rotten apples” that use the power of their power to calm the lives of minorities and the rights of minorities.

CNN sat down with DiAngelo to brainstorm about talks about today’s protests, how they fit into the history of the civil rights movement, and what white people need to do now. The conversation has been modified to flow and clarity.

Q: Is this a “me too” moment for racial equality, or will the conversation fade and fade as in the past?

DiAngelo: There are some things that I think are different from this moment. First, it is sustainable. It is not a single march, one protest. They are going on and spreading all over the world.

There is a speech in the mainstream media that I never thought I’d hear in my life. Those of us who have been hitting this drum for years are finally hearing phrases like “systematic racism” used in the mainstream media.

The first and the two books that are being sold in the world today are related to racism, one written by me and the white person and the other by The conclusion of X. Kendi, Black person. You can google “What can white people do now?” You will not be able to keep up with all the excellent resource listings and guidelines.

We hear a discussion of reparations for the descendants of enslaved Africans in the stage of democratic debate. And for the first time in history, I think a recent poll showed that more white Americans think there are advantages to being white than people who don’t.

These are huge breakthroughs. But it should go on, and I’m a little worried about what happens when the cameras disappear. This is where I remember Malcolm Gladwell’s theory of the turning point: You only need 30%. And when I get frustrated, I remember that because I think “We got 30%. Let’s keep it up.”

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