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Cases of coronavirus in India continue to rise

“Los Olivos” funeral workers collect the remains of a Covid-19 victim from a hospital in Mexico City on June 1. Pedro Pardo / AFP / Getty Images

Coronavirus-associated cases and deaths across Latin America are growing faster than anywhere in the world.

Mexico: Country 2999 cases of coronavirus were reported on Monday, taking the total number to 12,0102, according to the Ministry of Health. The death toll rose to 14,053, up 354 from Sunday’s total.

Peru: The Ministry of Health registered 3,181 new cases on Monday, bringing the country’s total to 199,696. Peru also recorded 106 new deaths, bringing the death toll to 5,571.

Brazil: On Monday, the Ministry of Health reported 15,654 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the country’s total number to 707,412. Brazil also confirmed 679 new deaths in Covid-19 on Monday, bringing the total number of deaths in the country to 37,134. Brazil recorded the second largest number of deaths worldwide, behind the United States.

The largest increase in global cases: The Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tidros Adhanom Gebresus, said at a press conference in Geneva on Monday, that on Sunday, he witnessed the most cases of “Covid 19” reported by the World Health Organization in one day so far during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Yesterday, more than 136,000 cases were reported – the most in one day so far,” Tedros said. “Nearly 75% of yesterday’s cases come from 10 countries, mostly in the Americas and South Asia.”

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