California restaurant approves name change amid national turmoil

California restaurant approves name change amid national turmoil

Now it is The only one left – Her name changed to match changing times amid the country’s demonstrations against racism and police brutality.
Owners say Sambo’s in Santa Barbara will remain on the job but under a new, unspecified name Facebook social networking site.

The term “sampo” is a long-standing ethnic race that dates back to the 1899 book about a dark-skinned South Indian boy. The name became a nickname against African Americans.

The restaurant’s sign has been covered, at least temporarily, with a peace sign, an ampersand, and the word “love” for peace and love.

And their owners published, “Our family looked at our hearts and realized that we must be sensitive when others we respect make a strong call.” “So today we stand in solidarity with those who seek change and do our part as best we can.”

Film and television production in California will be allowed to return to work soon

Owner Chad Stephens said that its founders – his grandfather Sam Pattiston and his business partner Newell “Bo” Bohnit – formed the name of the restaurant from parts of their names.

“His name and the name of his partner, Sam and Bo, was something I respect and keep doing that, but I understand there is some harm in that but we will go ahead,” Stevens told CNN, affiliate with CNN. KEYT.

Stevens agreed to change the name after hearing from resident Rachel Monet.

“Although it did not come from a bad place, it is still a painful term for many people,” said Monet. “I understand that this was not intended. I am not saying that the owners of Sambo and his companions are racists. I say that indifference is racist.”

Stevens said it was a good time to change.

“With the current environment of our country, we need to come together, as the sign says, peace and love,” he said.

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