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Black Lives Matter Protests Across The United States And The World: Live Updates

Black Lives Matter mural begins to form on East Pine Street in the so-called
A “living life” mural began to be formed on East Pine Street in the so-called “Capitol Hill Independent District” on June 10 in Seattle, Washington. David Ryder / Getty Images

The ongoing protests in Seattle sparked a Twitter dispute between President Donald Trump, the city’s mayor, Jenny Dorkan, and Washington Governor Jay Inseley, both of whom are Democrats.

what happens?

Seattle Assistant Chief Diana Nolit They said they had received reports that a group of protesters erected barriers and “some armed personnel operate them as checkpoints” in the eastern city area of ​​Capitol Hill.

CNN’s KOMO agency reported that protesters surrounded the area with barriers and called it the Capitol Hill Autonomous Region. The police left the building east of the department in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, and they went up, but not busy. The officers only respond to emergency calls.

“While they have the constitutional right to bear arms, and while Washington is an open pregnancy state, there is no legal right to use these weapons to intimidate members of society,” Nolit told a news conference on Wednesday. “No one at these checkpoints has the legal authority to demand identification from anyone.”

However, Nolit said, “In an attempt to try to cooperate and cooperate and move forward in peace, we are trying to start a dialogue.”

“We are trying to find a way to solve this without affecting the citizens and companies operating in that region unnecessarily,” she said. “We do not want this small group of what is happening sinks the important message about justice, improving police relations, and improving racial equality.”

Who organizes it?

This is not clear now. Nolit said the police were trying to establish a point of contact in order to establish a dialogue.

Seattle officials say they have no indication that the occupied area is being coordinated by left-wing activist groups under the Antifa umbrella, despite online rumors saying the opposite.

“City officials have not interacted with” militant militants on this site, but they will remain on the site to monitor the situation closely, “said Laurie Patrick of the CNN mayor’s office.

What did Trump say?

Trump tweeted that “local terrorists took control of Seattle,” claiming it was “run by radical left-wing Democrats.” In another tweet, Mayor Dorkin and the government said Inseley needed to “restore” their city and that “these ugly anarchists must deviate (sic) immediately.”

How did Durken and Inslee respond?

Dorkin responded by telling Trump “to return to your hiding place,” referring to when US intelligence transferred him to a secret underground section of the White House during the protests last month.

Inslee told him to “hem tweet”

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