American coronavirus: New York says it is "taming the monster" of the coronavirus while some states see hospital admission as standard

American coronavirus: New York says it is “taming the monster” of the coronavirus while some states see hospital admission as standard

As of Saturday, cases of coronavirus infection were still increasing in 18 states – many of which experienced record or near-record highs. In 17 states, the numbers were heading down, and the numbers remained stable in 13 states.

Of the nearly 20 states in which the numbers have risen, Oregon, Nevada, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Alabama and South Carolina increased by more than 50% in the past week compared to the previous week.

Dr. Anthony Fossey, the country’s chief infectious disease expert, said the increase in coronavirus cases in several states is not necessarily a second increase.

“However, when you start seeing increases in hospitalization, this is a certain position that you must pay close attention to,” he said on Friday.

Early hotspots are improving significantly

Once the epidemic center was home to the largest and most densely populated cities nationwide, New York State made a major transformation.

The state governor, Andrew Como, said on Saturday that the number of HIV-related deaths has fallen further in New York as most births in the United States are about to reopen completely. The state has reported 32 deaths from coronavirus, the lowest number since the outbreak. The number of hospitals in Coved reached 1734 on Saturday, the lowest level since March 20.

New York City is emerging from the closure of the coronavirus, but is entering a new crisis

Como said: “We did it, we tamed the monster, we are now 180 degrees on the other side.”

He said that while New York had made significant progress, almost half the country had not. He noted that nearly 20 states have experienced mutations in coronavirus cases.

“This is a terrible period,” said Como. “We thought we got past that. Well, the monster raises its ugly head. Half of the states are seeing an increase. New York is just the opposite.”

In Oregon, the government suspended Kate Brown for a seven-day pause to move forward with the reopening in light of heightened issues that followed the easing of restrictions. “This is basically a state-level yellow light,” said Brown.

Some increased cases may be the result of more tests. The number of new tests reported daily in the country has increased three times overall since mid-April, according to data collected by the Covid Tracking Project.

Officials urged people to continue to follow social tele-recommendations and wear masks in public, among other CDC guidelines.

“We now know that this disease has a high prevalence without symptoms, and that’s why we encourage people to wear face caps,” said American general surgeon Dr. Jerome Adams. Detroit WJBK TV Station.

Most Americans follow the instructions

While the epidemic shows no signs of slowing down, the good news is that most Americans have been following instructions on how to combat it.

Nearly 80% of Americans surveyed nationwide said they isolated themselves last month, according to the Centers for Disease Control report released Friday.

Confusion reigns when countries mitigate coronavirus closings and cases increase

Nationwide, 74% of those surveyed said they wore face caps in public places either always or often.

84.3% of those surveyed said they believed mitigation strategies in their state were the right balance or even not sufficiently restrictive, said the survey team led by Michael Tainan of the CDC, in the agency’s weekly report.

“Most adults reported that they would not feel safe if the community-based mitigation strategies such as staying at home and unnecessary business closings across the country were lifted at the time of the survey, although a minority of these adults who did not feel safe and the team confirmed” He wanted to lift these restrictions despite the risks. “

Jason Hana of CNN and Madeline Holcomb contributed to this report.

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